Light therapy originated with the Greeks, Romans and Egyptians where they figured light was beneficial to one’s health.  This has evolved over the years, to a now safe practice (as before, in the 19th and 20th century practices of light therapy, they were not aware of the damage UV light caused) whereby we use safe Light Emitting Diodes, LED, to emit infrared lights on your face in different wavelengths.

The wavelengths chosen are specific to the condition being treated and the results wanted from LED Light Therapy.

These photons of light trigger certain reactions in our skin cells which in turn give us the results we want to achieve.

In our second skin layer, the Dermis, it converts light into fuel so the skin cells can heal and repair with better efficacy, speeding up the skins ability to perform its natural functions.

Red Light;

This wavelength, of 630nm, helps to increase collagen production - collagen being what makes your skin youthful and plump so a huge benefit.  It also increases blood flow to the skin and the capillaries on the face promoting healing and regeneration for skin rejuvenation.  Rosacea and scarring concerns can be treated with red light as it has the ability to penetrate your skin, getting past the epidermis and into the dermis, hence the collagen induction, enabling stimulation of healing through this increased blood flow. 

Increased blood flow brings oxygen, fuel and nutrients to the skin for overall added vibrancy and glow!

Blue Light;

Blue light, at superficial wavelengths of 420nm, can treat acne as it can generate a high energy form of oxygen that attacks the bacteria in your skin. That bacteria, Propionibacterium Acnes aka Pacnes, causes acneic conditions and problematic skins. It is actually a good bacteria found on all skins but a skin with an unbalanced pH, over or under active sebum and a build up of dead skin cells makes this good bacteria go in search of its food source in the wrong place, turning it to a pathogen - bad bacteria, that then causes acne lesions in various forms.

So blue light is very effective for the treatment of acne concerns and can be used in combination with red light for its healing benefits too of these lesions.

LED Light Therapy is also a therapeutic treatment for those with busy, stressful lives especially for the ‘S.A.D’ sun-less winter months.

So who is suitable for LED Light Therapy;

  • Anyone with ageing concerns
  • Dull, lifeless skins
  • Fatigued skin
  • Sensitive skin
  • Rosacea
  • Acne
  • Poor skin tone and texture
  • Poorly healing wounds, burns and post-surgery

Due to the red lights healing benefits, LED Light Therapy can be added to any MesoPeel treatment, CST and SkinPen Micro-Needling to aid the skins healing and down-time after these regenerative services as well as an add on to Environ treatments.

A course of LED Light Therapy is recommended and results can be seen in as few as 8 sessions which can be taken weekly for best and quickest results.

20 minute LED £30

‘Add on’ LED to any skin treatment £15

Treatment Menu


Environ Consultation
60 minutes £30

Environ FOCUS 
30-40 minutes £40
60-70 minutes £60
75-90 minutes £80
Environ COOL PEEL 
60-75 minutes £60

LED Light Therapy

20 minutes LED £30


MesoPeel Consultation and Patch Test £30

MesoPeel Face £65

MesoPeel Neck £45

MesoPeel Body - Acne/Acne Scarring/Skin Rejuvenation £85 per area

Add LED £15

SkinPen Needling

Consultation and patch test for numbing cream £30

Face to under jawline £160
Including neck £190

Just neck £100
Including décolletage £140

‘Medi Manis’ £80
In facial add on £60

Bingo wings £195

Stretch Marks on tummy £195

Stretch Marks on legs £195

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