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CeII Regen Radio Frequency Skin Tightening

As your facial skin ages, there is a loss of elasticity in the epidermis (our superficial skin layer) and our SMAS layer (the layer above our facial muscles). We also start to see a reduction of our collagen levels. Skin Laxity and wrinkles appear due to the inability to renew these proteins as we age. Existing collagen and elastin suffers damage and our natural volume retaining hyaluronic acid reduces too.

This loss through time results in sagging cheeks along the jaw bone, creates jowls and quite often a double chin. Cheek fat will then sag forward and increase the appearance of folds around the mouth and nose (nasolabial folds). We see deeper lines appearing that remain long after we have laughed.

Radio Frequency uses progressive but tolerable heat from the lower layers out by way of thermo stimulation using low-frequency medium wave lengths that travel and penetrate deep into the skin but with now increased comfort, no undesirable side-effects and increased treatment results.

My new CeII Regen Radio Frequency Machine will treat the deep SMAS layer to improve muscle tightness, firm skin and remove excess fat, counteracting the general signs of ageing. It has been developed to radically enhance the appearance of the skin, rebuild and restructure collagen whilst lifting, contouring and sculpting the face. Scars and wrinkles are reduced, excess fat is broken down, fluid is removed and overall provides a V shape effect to the face.

There is no downtime so you can resume a normal day after treatment with no major aftercare to follow, just incorporate healthy homecare recommended by Hollie to help maximise results for the skin.

Radio Frequency Full Face and Neck - 1 hour £75

  • Course of 6 15% off

Radio Frequency Half Face (either upper or lower) - 30mins £45

  • Course of 6 15% off

Radio Frequency 'add on' to Environ or Byonik skin treatments - 20mins £30

A course of 6 with treatments 2 weeks apart is recommended initially to get desired results then maintenance every 4-6 weeks thereafter. 

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