Water Works

With so many weird and wonderful skincare ingredients the market, it’s easy to forget the most basic anti-ageing hero - Water!

Without enough water, hyaluronic acid can’t expand and help to plump out those wrinkles.  A survey by the Natural Hydration Council shows that 89% of the population are not drinking enough to maintain healthy hydration levels.  Our bodies consist of 60% water, 73% of our brain is water and 63% of our skin, so plenty of H20 is essential to keep things running smoothly.  Water flushes out toxins, hydrates the skin, allows red blood cells to carry oxygen more efficiently and water also helps to lubricate joints.

Be sure to always keep a glass of water nearby to remind yourself to drink.

Give yourself a challenge to drink an extra glass of water each day to your daily intake

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Are you over exfoliating

Is your skin dry but you continue to exfoliate it?

Myth busting fact...

If your skin is dry, DO NOT EXFOLIATE IT!

Contrary to popular belief, if your skin is dry, flaky and tight its needs everything BUT harsh exfoliants. Our skin is effectively a brick wall of skin cells with lipids and water acting as our cement so imagine this;

Sanding down your brick wall and scraping away the dry, flaking cement...does it make the brick wall look better or worse?

Does it become smooth and replenish the dry cement or does more flake away leaving your brick wall open to more environmental attack?

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