Target these delicate areas with BeautifEye or Bio Nutri Neck, FILLMEDs treatment to refresh tired eyes, rewind time on fine lines and wrinkles and reduce dark circles. In an era of mobile phones, the age in which we see lines forming around the neck. Whether for prevention or in a bid to cure, we have the answer. The treatment includes a Chemical Peel followed by micro injections using Nano Soft with NCTF135ha , which is 3 crystal silicone needles, designed to deliver NCTF135ha - the skin hero complex- to the perfect depth, creating a perfect skin eco system. If your skin goal is GLOW, this is the treatment for you.

So what is it?

By way of mesotherapy, it is a great anti-ageing solution that aims to rejuvenate the complexion by nourishing and hydrating the skin, which helps to increase its health and improve its overall quality. 

Using nano soft needles making the treatment virtually painless, we micro-inject the bio-revitalisating NCTF 135 HA solution containing hyaluronic acid and 59 active ingredients to maximise hydration and improve the skin to help reveal and restore the eye contours natural radiance by increasing skin density and elasticity therefore targeting and correcting fine lines and blue/purple dark circles.

This technique is also used on the neck specifically where the neck creases to directly target and plump these ageing signs.

The Treatment 

fillmed box needleSTEP 1: Hollie will start by applying the BRIGHT PEEL® by Laboratoires FILLMED that will target uneven skin and pigmentation disorders around the eye. It is adapted to sensitive skin.

STEP 2: During the 2nd step, Hollie will inject into the upper dermis the revitalizing  solution of NCTF® comprising hyaluronic acid and 59 active ingredients (vitamins, amino-acids, antioxidants& more) with the very precise and safe nanosoft needle that will reduce the risk of bruising and minimize pain during the injection. Combining NCTF® & nanosoft will not only target the sensitive area of your face with delicacy but also provide optimal results in less time.

STEP 3: The soothing B3-RECOVERY CREAM and EYE-RECOVER MASK will smoothly complete this protocol.

In clinical trials, the NCTF 135 HA solution has been proven to increase radiance by 144% in 88% of cases.

Hydration was increased by 132% and reduce wrinkle volume by 33%

Is it a course or one off treatment?

  • The BeautifEYES treatment is a course of 3 with each treatment being taken 2 weeks apart.
  • The Bio-Nutri Neck is a course of 3 with each treatment taken 3 weeks apart from each other.

Both can have repeat courses every 6 months or single maintenance treatment every 4-6 weeks

Does it hurt?

As we use nano-soft needles, at a depth of 0.6mm so it is virtually painless and a comfortable treatment to have done.

Is there any downtime?

The NCTF 135 HA solution is micro-injected into the skin and small papules are created around the eye contour area and up to the inner corner by the nose.

These papules will reduce in treatment by 50% but the remaining appearance of the papules will be present for up to 24 hours after.

On the neck, the reduction of the papules may take up to 48 hours

How can I book?

Contact Hollie directly to arrange a consultation and book your treatment course.

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BeautifEYES course of 3 £360 

Single treatment £130

Bio-Nutri Neck course of 3 £380

Single Treatment £135