Immunity Intelligence

Skillfully developed by our Nutritional Experts to take the guesswork out of immune support. Pristinely packaged in convenient, tear-off packs, each pod features intelligent ingredients to support overall wellbeing of the body, mind and skin to deliver daily:  

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Colostrum-C is a wellbeing supplement designed for overall health and vitality.  Our Experts have combined colostrum with vitamin C in one clever capsule. 

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Digest Pro

Digest Pro contains a special blend of digestive enzymes with botanicals such as fenugreek, ginger and fennel which help support the digestive system. Formulated with Lactase enzyme.

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Food Intolerance Test

A test designed to determine whether an individual has elevated food-specific IgG antibodies

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Glucosamine Plus

A food supplement providing glucosamine and MSM together with vitamin C , copper and special botanical extracts

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Protein building block

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Metabolic Support

Nutritional support for weight management

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Nail Science

Nutritional support for brittle nails

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Omega 3

Nutritional support for heart and brain health.

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Probiotics is a supplement powder which contains a ratio of Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidus cultures. 

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Pro-Vitality Formula

Nutrient box to help support a healthy heart, brain, muscles, bones and energy levels - updated for 2021.

Broad spectrum food supplement system containing six expert supplements for fast-paced living to support wellbeing of your skin, body and mind. Our Nutritional Specialists have worked on the optimal formula for today's modern, demanding lifestyles.

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Vitamin C Plus

Vitamin C supplement to help maintain immune system function

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