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Global periocular solution by mesoestetic® 

This treatment has been developed by mesoestetic® with extensive research to target the specific issues found in the delicate eye contour area, designed to fight the signs of ageing and fatigue in the sensitive eye contour area.

This treatment course combines eye-specific mesopeel and m.pen modalities to aid concerns related to pigmentation, dark circles and drainage.

What is global eyecon®?

This is a unique combination of techniques and products to target this area like no other before.

global eyecon® consists of 6 in-clinic sessions with tailored homecare to maintain and constantly improve.

Is the needling and peeling done at the same treatment?

No, there are 3 peel treatments and 3 needling treatments performed alternatingly a week apart to total 6 treatments.

Does the peeling and needling irritate the delicate eye area?

No, the treatment has been specially created to suit the delicate tissue of the orbital rim and moveable lid areas under the lower lash line and under the brow bone. The treatment contains a mesopeel called periocular peeling and a sterile cocktail called periocular solution.

Why is the eye area treated differently to the rest of the face?

The skin of the eye area is 5x thinner than everywhere else on the face so it needs to have its own protocol and solutions so they are safe enough for this area. Lymphatic drainage is very complex and the eye area can see puffiness here before anywhere else, it is sensitive to internal and external factors. The eye area is very vascular with many vessels and small capillaries. There are 22 underlying periorbital muscles that collectively create the first signs of ageing that people want to treat such as the crow’s feet.

What eye concerns is global eyecon indicated for?

  • Deep expression line and wrinkles, crow’s feet and gravitational lines
  • Under-eye bags
  • Drooping eyelid, loss of elasticity, firmness and volume
  • Under-eye circles that are either circulatory (blue/violet) or pigmentary (brown)

A full consultation will be had with your practitioner at Hollie’s Skincare before a course is booked to ensure full treatment suitability and discuss treatment expectations.

How many courses of global eyecon® are recommended?

Everyone has different concerns and treatment expectations which will be discussed at your initial consultation. One course will be performed, consisting of 6 treatments, one week apart. Maintenance eye treatments can be done monthly of either the peeling or needling option (main treatment concern dependent) and as always, corrective homecare will always maintain and maximise result longevity.

Is there any specific homecare / aftercare that should be followed?

Homecare will be part of the discussion during your initial consultation at Hollie’s Skincare. Recommendations will be given that will maximise results. If your current homecare is impairing your skins barrier function, treatment may not be offered by Hollie’s Skincare without corrective homecare / aftercare for global eyecon® courses and treatments. Skin-prep home-care may be recommended that will then extend to aftercare.

Using the right products will increase results, reduce irritation, aid healing and reduce chances of having any adverse reactions.

  • £420 for full course of 6 (taken weekly) 

Course price includes mesoestetic Sun Protection Repairing Stick SPF100


  • £80 for single treatment

Single treatment is designed for monthly maintenance post-global eyecon® Course

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Consultation £50

redeemable once the treatment has been booked and paid for in full

Cosmelan Treatment £800

Phases 1 and 2: includes consultation, Depigmentation skin prep-kit, melanostop mesopeel, in-clinic cosmelan mask application and your first months’ worth of cosmelan 2, melan recovery and melan 130+ pigment control SPF

Products for Phases 3 and 4 will be replenished as needed for the remainder of the 12 month programme.


mesoestetic® mesopeel consultation, Observ Skin Analysis and patch test £40

mesopeel Face £80

  • Course of 6 £400

mesopeel Body from £70 (area and size dependant)


mesoestetic® m.pen Consultation, Observ Skin Analysis and patch test £49

Face to Jawline £140

Neck £100

Neck inc Décolletage £120

Stretch Marks from £140 (size of area dependant)

Scalp - Hair Loss/Restoration £120

Back Scarring £140

Small Area i.e small face scar from £50 (size of area dependant)

£420 for full course of 6 (taken weekly) 

Course price includes mesoestetic Sun Protection Repairing Stick SPF100


£80 for single treatment

Single treatment is designed for monthly maintenance post-Global Eyecon Course