What is cosmelan® and who is it for?

The cosmelan® treatment is the world’s leading professional pigmentation removal method. The treatment is suitable for all forms of hyperpigmentation from melasma, post inflammatory hyperpigmentation PIH, solar lentigo (sun spots)to ephelides (freckles) and can be used on all Fitzpatrick skin types.

What causes hyperpigmentation?

Skin hyperpigmentation is caused by abnormal production of melanin - the pigment responsible for skin colour - and a consequence of uncontrolled, localised overproduction of melanin inside the melanocyte which causes irregular skin colouration and dark spots. Numerous external and internal factors can cause hyperpigmentation:

  • Genetic Tendency · Sun Exposure · Inflammation · Hormonal Changes · Ageing · Exposure to Chemicals · Photosensitising Medication

How does cosmelan® work?

With an intensive corrective effect that regulates overproduction of melanin in the melanocytes that inhibits and controls the appearance of new dark spots. Its dual corrective and controlling action achieves both short and long-term results by keeping hyperpigmentation under control. The cosmelan® contains an exclusive combination of active substances with proven efficacy which act on all phases of the hyperpigmentation process - eliminating existing hyperpigmentation, preventing its reappearance and stopping the appearance of new dark spots.

What does the cosmelan® method involve?

The treat consists of 1 in-clinic treatment followed by at-home maintenance, which should be continued for at least 9 months – 1 year. The cosmelan 1 is the professional treatment mask which is applied by Hollie’s Skincare in-clinic and this should be left on for a period of between 8 – 12 hours depending on the clients Fitzpatrick skin type and form of hyperpigmentation. The cosmelan 2 should then be used by the client at home under the guidance of Hollie’s Skincare. This process is started 48 hours after the in-clinic mask and is recommended to be used three times daily in the first month, twice daily in the 2nd and 3rd month and once in the evening in the 4th month onwards.

This is a 12 month programme, consisting of 4 Phases to target, treat and regulate pigmentation concerns.

Why is it important the client uses the homecare?

The homecare process of cosmelan 2 maintenance cream is continued to allow the melanocyte to stop producing the same abnormal production of melanin and continue to not produce this by itself. If this is not followed for this amount of time the hyperpigmentation will most likely return as the melanocyte will start re-producing the same hyperpigmentation.  This is why the full 12 month programme is so important.

How quickly can results be seen?

Results can be seen in as little as two weeks but can continue to improve with the best of the result being seen between 30 and 60 days following the treatment. The rest of the programme is ensuring this result is regulated for the long-term

Will the client experience any after effects and how long does this last?

Peeling, redness and irritation can be expected initially. This may last until the application of cosmelan 2 is reduced in the second month. melan recovery is recommended to be applied to the skin to reduce the peeling and irritation significantly.

What aftercare products can the client use following treatment?

The client should be using mesoestetic w+ Cleanser, melan recovery and melan 130+ pigment control Sun Protection alongside their cosmelan 2. The melan recovery and melan 130+ pigment control Sun Protection are provided in the cosmelan® pack. Using these products will reduce irritation, peeling and chances of having any adverse reactions.

Are there any aftercare products the client should avoid and is it safe for them to use other products at any point during the method?

Any products containing Vitamin C or Retinols should be avoided throughout the treatment. These will be too stimulating for the skin as the cosmelan® already contains these ingredients. Hollie’s Skincare will fully advise on what can and can’t be used during your consultation.

During the first month, the skin will be particularly sensitised and we would therefore only recommend you use the products advised above with the maintenance cream. If the client is particularly sensitised and dry they may also use post procedure fast skin repair and/or hydra-vtal factor k. After the first month however, when the skin is no longer irritated, we recommend introducing products from the mesoestetic w+ whitening range. And again, Hollie’s Skincare will advise on what you can reintroduce.

Can the treatment be combined with any other treatments?

During Phases 1,2 & 3 of the cosmelan® treatment no other procedures should be performed however the melanostop mesopeel will be performed 48 hours before the cosmelan® in-clinic treatment. This will prepare the skin for the treatment removing any dead skin cells and hydrating the skin, allowing the cosmelan® to work deeper within the skin. The Depigmetation homecare kit needs to be used for 2-6 weeks before the cosmelan® to prep the skin for this level of peel.

Why would this treatment be chosen over other treatments for hyperpigmentation, such as laser?
Laser is a commonly used, highly effective treatment. It is particularly effective for low and medium photo-type skins (Fitzpatrick skin types 1-3, lighter skins) where hyperpigmentation is more visible on the skin surface. Even so, the professional must recommend a maintenance treatment to prevent the reappearance otherwise all treated pigmentation will return as the melanocytes haven’t been re-educated unlike what we deliver with the full cosmelan® programme. In higher photo-types (Fitzpatrick skin types 4-6, darker skin types) however, laser is less effective and the likelihood of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation is higher so laser treatment is often refused for the darker skin as it carries more risk of this. The cosmelan® method is better tolerated, more efficient, involves a lower risk of recurrence and has a longer-lasting result.

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Consultation £50

redeemable once the treatment has been booked and paid for in full

Cosmelan Treatment £800

Phases 1 and 2: includes consultation, Depigmentation skin prep-kit, melanostop mesopeel, in-clinic cosmelan mask application and your first months’ worth of cosmelan 2, melan recovery and melan 130+ pigment control SPF

Products for Phases 3 and 4 will be replenished as needed for the remainder of the 12 month programme.


mesoestetic® mesopeel consultation, Observ Skin Analysis and patch test £40

mesopeel Face £80

  • Course of 6 £400

mesopeel Body from £70 (area and size dependant)


mesoestetic® m.pen Consultation, Observ Skin Analysis and patch test £49

Face to Jawline £140

Neck £100

Neck inc Décolletage £120

Stretch Marks from £140 (size of area dependant)

Scalp - Hair Loss/Restoration £120

Back Scarring £140

Small Area i.e small face scar from £50 (size of area dependant)

£420 for full course of 6 (taken weekly) 

Course price includes mesoestetic Sun Protection Repairing Stick SPF100


£80 for single treatment

Single treatment is designed for monthly maintenance post-Global Eyecon Course