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Unique Treatment System

Pain free. No down time.

BYONIK® is the world’s only system that repairs skin at a cellular level and locks in hydration at the same time. It is a non-invasive, patented medical beauty program with a three-step procedure to “power up” each individual skin cell. This maximizes the skin’s regenerative capacity and slows down the cellular aging process.

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Skin rejuvenation

Skin cells are activated, collagen and elastin production is stimulated and the skin’s microcirculation is enhanced.


The specialized combination of the BYONIK® HA gels with antioxidants are absorbed by the skin, the antioxidants into the cell itself and the hyaluronic acids are integrated into the intercellular matrix.


At the heart of the treatment are the dual wavelength, 658nm red light  and 806nm near infrared light, laser diodes. The 658nm red light stimulates the production of collagen and elastin fibres in the dermis for a “bio-lifting” effect.  Red light also has proven anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and wound-healing properties in the field of nanomedicine. The 806nm near infrared light stimulates the microcirculation and therefore the metabolism of the skin, contributing to cellular detoxification. The BYONIK® laser is also used to activate skin cells to become receptive for uptake of the Hyaluronic Acid and Antioxidant Gels for complete skin rejuvenation. 


The European patented BYONIK® HA Gels enhance the effect of the treatment:
Each of the Hyaluronic Acid molecules is grown to the precise size needed to penetrate through the external skin barrier.  Each molecule is specially coated with Wakame Algae to extend its lifespan from two to four weeks. The active substance Fucan inhibits hyaluronidase, slowing HA breakdown in the skin. Wakame Algae is also rich in Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6 and B12, iron, sodium and potassium making it a “vitamin cocktail” for the skin. Topic Pure Rock Rose is a powerful anti-oxidant in the BYONIK® hyaluronic acids which further helps to rejuvenate the skin by neutralising free radicals.


Each person is unique. Each cell differs in absorption behaviour. This behaviour is dependent on the vital frequency which is determined by an individual’s heartbeat. During the entire treatment the BYONIK® laser monitors each individuals pulse and oxygen saturation levels with the specially designed Pulse Monitor. The scientifically programmed BYONIK® Laser, triggered by the pulse, determines the precise moment of maximum cell absorption capability to achieve optimal uptake of the HA Gel Antioxidants.  This unique feature allows for true anti-aging at a cellular level.


The BYONIK® is suitable for all skin types, all skin conditions and concerns, all ages and all skin colours (FP1-6).

There isn’t a concern we can’t treat, from fine lines, wrinkles, folds - any age management requirements.

Dry skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and skin dehydration.

All grades of acne including mild congestion to cystic acne can be treated as well as mild–active Rosacea.

Pigmentary disorders including sun-damage and inflammatory pigmentation (PIE and PIH) are indicated for treatment.

The BYONIK® is also amazing for general all round skin care and skin health maintenance and is the perfect pre-occasion choice.

BYONIK® Cellular Rejuvenation Treatment (Face) - 60 mins £180

BYONIK® Intensive Rejuvenation Treatment (Face & Neck) – 75mins £240

BYONIK® Quick Power Treatment (Face) - 45 mins £125

BYONIK® Acne Treatment (Laser Only) - 20 mins £40

BYONIK® Ecto Repair Treatment  - 45 mins £180


Byonik have developed  innovative skincare products to complement the BYONIK® treatment. They are especially well tolerated and offer specially designed and concentrated active ingredients for every area of application.


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