Advanced Nutrition Programme

Photoageing is premature ageing to the skin caused by repeated exposure to UV light primarily from the sun but also from artificial UV sources. ‘Photo’ is derived from the Greek word ‘phos’ which means ‘light’ - therefore, ageing of the skin caused by light.

Photoageing is different from chronological ageing as the damaging effects of UV rays from the sun (or UV tanning resources) alter the normal structures of the skin.

What is Collagen? – The word collagen comes from the ancient Greek word ‘kolla’ which translates to ‘glue’ and the function of collagen is to hold our body and our skin together like glue, providing firmness and strength. Collagen is a protein which is produced by the fibroblasts and is the most abundant protein in the body. In fact, 30% of the protein in our body is collagen and collagen makes up 70% of the protein in the body.

We need collagen in the body to form fibrils and as we age, our collagen production decreases, resulting in weaker connections and then wrinkled, slackened, aged skin occurs.

Advanced Nutrition Programmes approach to the skins need for collagen is to stimulate its natural production and protect it from degradation, rather than creating something with ‘collagen’ in it. Collagen is a very large molecule so its penetration in a product is just not possible via topical skincare and internal versions of ‘collagen’ would feed our body first. We want to focus on its synthesis via fibroblast cell stimulation instead.

Skin Moisture Lock

A meticulous review of the latest science and research allowed our Experts to develop an exciting intelligent ingredient-led formula, Skin Moisture Lock™ to unlock youthful-looking skin. 

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Skin Youth Biome

Supports healthy, youthful looking skin

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Skin Antioxidant

Helps to safeguard your skin* from the inside out

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Skin Omegas+

Pure skin hydration

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Skin Vit A+

Maintain your skin's health

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Skin Plus

All-in-one supplement pack for healthy skin and hair plus healthy looking nails.

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Skin Select

All-in-one supplement pack for complete skin glow

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Skin Ultimate

All-in-one beauty supplement pack for a bright, even complexion; healthy hair and nourished-looking nails.

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Skin Collagen Support

Activate your skin's collagen

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Skin Vit C

Powered by three - vitamin C, zinc and acerola berry

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Skin Moisture Lock PLUS

Perfect partners duo. Hyaluronic acid & Ceramides with Omega 3 & 6 fatty acid complex.

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Pro-Vitality Formula

Nutrient box to help support a healthy heart, brain, muscles, bones and energy levels - updated for 2021.

Broad spectrum food supplement system containing six expert supplements for fast-paced living to support wellbeing of your skin, body and mind. Our Nutritional Specialists have worked on the optimal formula for today's modern, demanding lifestyles.

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