Environ Skincare

Environ has been built on science, beauty and care.

Environ have been the industry leaders with their unique Vitamin A step up system, innovative product launches and one of a kind home-care devices; they use the power of science to create products that make a real difference to people’s lives - helping to keep skin looking at it’s healthiest, resilient best for life.

The Pioneer - Dr Des Fernandes, rated among the top 5 plastic surgeons in the world, was a pioneer in the 80’s.
He was the first the use Vitamin A in high enough doses to help counteract the harmful effects of the environment, pollution and stress - and help skin to be reborn from a damaged or weakened state to a healthier, more beautiful one.

With the power of science - and a little patience and commitment - Environ Skincare CAN and WILL assist in restoring, reviving and revitalising skin.  Vitamin A is the cornerstone ingredient within Environ Skincare, along with its assisting vitamins C and E, antioxidants and peptides they will ensure you begin to see and feel beautiful skin, through science.

I’ve worked with Environ as Hollie’s Skincare for many years and the life changing results I have been able to achieve for my clients with the Advanced Nutrition Programme and Jane Iredale products alongside have honestly been incredible.  I’ve successfully treated rosacea, pigmentation, acne and acne scarring, premature ageing, dehydration, dryness, skin texture and skin sensitivities with the pictures and testimonials to prove it.  Aiding results with added treatment services like Rejuvalight LED Therapy, Micro-Needling and superficial Chemical Peeling all will enhance the benefits of Environ Skincare.


Environ's In-Clinic Treatments

Environ’s continuous commitment to deliver the best in class, results driven treatments using unique technologies to ensure maximum results for various skin concerns.

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The Environ Range

Due to the active ingredients in these products you will need a consultation* prior to purchase, please contact Hollie to arrange this.  If you are already an Environ client please login if you wish to purchase.

Focus Care Clarity +


The solution to breakout-free, healthy looking skin is clear with this innovative 3-phase skincare system. Each phase contains products that have been specifically formulated to Clean, Control and Clear the root causes of breakouts.

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Focus Care Comfort +


Help to relieve and soothe sensitive skin by adding products from this range to your daily Vitamin STEP-UP SYSTEM™ routine.

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Focus Care Moisture +


This range contains various combinations of scientifically researched ingredients designed to deliver moisture boosting benefits to dehydrated and dull-looking skin. Experience silky-soft, healthier looking skin, by adding products from this range to your daily Vitamin STEP-UP SYSTEM™ routine.

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Focus Care Radiance +


Environ’s revolutionary 3-step Mela-Smart System™ is comprised of 4 innovative products that work together to help inhibit the 6 complex steps involved in the formation of hyperpigmentation. For optimal results, combine the Radiance+ Range with your daily Vitamin STEP-UP SYSTEM™ routine.

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Focus Care Youth +


Target the visible signs of ageing and give your skin more youthfulness by adding specifi c products from this range to your daily Vitamin STEP-UP SYSTEM™ routine.

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Skin EssentiA


The powerful combination of vitamins and other essential skin nutrients in this range helps to replace what skin has lost by delivering optimal levels of vitamin A, restoring skin’s natural vitamin A levels and revealing its natural beauty.

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Youth EssentiA


The Youth EssentiA® Range enriches the skin with a highly effective combination of powerful vitamins, antioxidants and peptides to help create even, smoother and healthier looking skin that glows with youthful radiance.

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Body EssentiA


The body is an extension of skin care and Environ believes it is as important as the face. The separate Body EssentiA Range incudes products rich in vitamins and antioxidants designed to enhance the appearance of the skin.

The entire Body EssentiA range is formulated to work in synergy to moistureise effectively and encourage a healthier-looking, radian and smooth skin appearance.

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Sun Care


Scientifically advanced, complete sun protection providing broad spectrum UVA + UVB protectin and free radical defence with potent antioxidants and other powerful ingredients.

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Devices & Instruments


This range is designed to be used in conjunction with our skincare products to help treat smaller areas as well as larger curved areas of your face and body.

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Environ Treatments


Environ Consultation and Observ Skin Analysis 90mins


Environ Specialist Electro-Sonic DF Treatments

FOCUS – Short, powerful treatments which focus on a specific area of concern with 5 treatments to choose from.

Ideal for top-ups between Essential Treatments or as a course on their own.

  • Focus-On Frown
  • Focus-On Eye
  • Focus-On Texture
  • Focus-On Tone
  • Focus-On Body Profile

30-40mins £40

ESSENTIAL – Environ advanced vitamin treatments with 4 treatments to target specific concerns. The concerns and best protocols will be advised of by Hollie’s Skincare during your skin health consultations and adapted going forward to what the skin needs during each clinic visit.

  • Essential Youth Reset
  • Essential Moisture Boost
  • Essential Comfort Calm
  • Essential Radiance Reveal

60-70mins £75
75-90mins £95


  • Youth Renew Cool Peel
  • Blemish Control Cool Peel
  • Moisture Boost Cool Peel
  • Pure Control Cool Peel
  • Bright Recovery Cool Peel
  • Vibrant-C Micro Peel

60-75mins £75

Cool Peel course of 6 £330 (to be taken weekly)

*A consultation is an essential start to your new skin journey.
During it, together we shall discuss lifestyle choices and habits, diet and nutritional intake, current and past skincare habits, main skin issues and concerns as well as educating you on the correct products for the skin, why and how they work for the skin and how the Advanced Nutrition Programme supplements and Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup together with Environ Skincare will offer and treat the skin in a 360 degree approach to results.

A consultation will take place before any skin focused salon treatments for all new clients, this can be had on it’s own or directly before treatments of which time will be booked accordingly.